Real Property and Land Use

The real property and land use lawyers at Haglund Kelley help Pacific Northwest landowners negotiate the federal, state and local laws which govern the ownership, use and development of real property.  Our real property and land use clients include private landowners facing governmental restrictions on use, landowners in disputes with other landowners, tree farmers and timberland owners, farmers and ranchers, citizen groups, homeowner associations, and individuals and entities involved in the buying and selling of interests in real property.

Our real property and land use lawyers’ experience working with both public and private sector clients and their understanding of the regulatory and political environment give them the unique insight needed to develop and implement efficient, cost-effective and practical legal strategies to achieve our clients’ goals. Whether it’s representing clients before local, state and federal bodies and regulatory agencies, negotiating real estate transactions, or litigating to protect our client’s property rights–our land use lawyers have the depth of legal knowledge and sound judgment to resolve even the most complex real property and land use challenges.

Our experienced team of dedicated real property litigators is also ready to assist clients in recovering property damages.  Our team boasts a wealth of experience in handling complex real property cases, including those involving disasters such as wildfires and landslides.  Our seasoned litigators understand the intricacies of property damage cases and work relentlessly to recover on behalf of our clients.

Real Property & Land Use Law Focus Areas

  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Land Use and Property Rights
  • Condemnation and Land Valuation
  • Inverse Condemnation
  • Permitting, Development and Zoning
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Issues
  • Federal and State Land Acquisitions
  • General Counsel to Many Resource-Based Businesses
  • Easement and Boundary Disputes
  • Timber Trespass